Tour Protection

Tour protection is available for all of our tours. The cost is $10.00 per day per person for tours up to 9 days. For tours 10 days and over the cost will be $13.00 per day per person.

A complete refund of the cost of the tour will be made up to 48 hours before departure. There is no guarantee of monies to be returned after the 48 hour window. To cancel a tour, a telephone call must be received in our office by this deadline. In the case of a Monday or Tuesday departure, the cancellation must be received in our office before 5 p.m. on the Friday before the tour departs.

This protection plan must be purchased no later than 60 days before departure date.

This protection plan is for cancellation prior to departure – it does not include baggage insurance or trip interruption insurance. These costs will be your responsibility.

If you desire coverage which includes trip interruption, baggage claims, cost of returning home during the tour, last minute cancellation, etc., we can advise you where you can purchase this type of insurance.